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Talk to me the ultimate Nirvana forum Livejournal community

Talk to me the ultimate Nirvana forum.
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This Livecommunity is for people who love the awesome band Nirvana and want to talk about them. Please make yourself at home and introduce yourself. It's also for the people who post on the Nirvana forum, Talk to me the ultimate Nirvana forum but you do not need to be a member there to join here even though it's a great place to hang out.

Talk to me the Ultimate Nirvana forum.

You can even check out our bootlegs forum where you'll find a stack load of downloads and talk to others about finding downloads or maybe you'd like to show your artistic creations off in our creativity forum called 'Do re mi'. Plus, we have the Talk to me music club where all members download an album which is chosen by the boardmembers and talk about it. We have nearly 2000 registered users too and everyone is friendly.Come on down to Talk to me the ultimate Nirvana forum.

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