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New Kurt doll., gross! [Mar. 28th, 2006|10:39 am]
Talk to me the ultimate Nirvana forum.


# Kurt Lives

Every once in a while something comes along and changes the musical world away from its conventions. Sometimes these things are a flash in the pan while other times the music world embraces this new voice and change rushes over in an enormous wave. In 1991 this kind of thing happened.
Nirvana released it's second album, "Nevermind", and they were met with a frenzied seemingly overnight success that no one could have possibly expected. With crossover potential that stretched over to embrace the ears of people who might only listen to bands and songs from certain genres, they busted the gates wide open for a flood of new sounds from grunge, alternative, punk, and even metal bands everywhere. Often compared to the frenzy that was the British invasion, Nirvana lead this brigade with Nevermind's opening track, "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Unmistakable from its opening guitar riff, this song heralded a new sound and became anthemic to a whole generation.
While Kurt Cobain may no longer be part of the corporeal world, his words, voice, music, and attitude can still be felt today thanks to the full albums, videos, and unheard of amount of bootlegs left behind. Sure, there are still some songs here and there that diehard Nirvana fans may have not been able to get in its finest form of clarity, and we are still waiting for an official DVD release that catalogs all their music videos, but the one thing that many fans have been asking for and have never received in ANY form, official or not, is an action figure. Many other musical icons have been brought to plastic and NECA is proud to be able to bring that same respect and admiration to Kurt Cobain's memory with our figure.
Based on his appearance in the video for "Smells Like Teen Spirit" this Kurt Cobain Action figure includes his guitar, rendered in painstaking detail, and part of the gymnasium floor as his base. Be on the lookout for Kurt to stand with his guitar again on store shelves late in June. Here is our first look at our "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Kurt Cobain.